Maximize Your Teamwork Potential.

DREAM TEAMS is an online course that shows you how to work better with others and be a more innovative thinker and leader. It’s brought to you by Snow Academy, based on over 100 scientific studies.

“A must for anyone who wants to create a high-performing team.” –Paul J. Zak, PhD., Neuroeconomist


DREAM TEAMS Was Designed To Help You Level Up

Mastering the unseen principles of breakthrough teamwork pays off everywhere—at home, at work, in society, and anywhere else where we need to work together.

In this course, you’ll learn to:

  1. Debate smarter, influence people, and get the most out of those around you

  2. Deal with people more effectively, saving you time and helping you solve problems in more innovative ways

  3. Get the “diversity” thing right—making it work for you and not just superficially

  4. Turn conflict into fuel for progress—neutralizing negativity, minimizing ego, and learning how to harness “cognitive friction”

  5. Develop the #1 skill that will set apart innovators, leaders, and workers in tomorrow’s workplace: Intellectual Humility

  6. And much more!

Ultimately, Dream Teams will help you create and be part of high functioning, hyper efficient, and highly effective teams.


"Every great breakthrough

that’s ever happened came from when people worked as a team.

But getting it to work right is hard. That’s why I’m so excited about Dream Teams.”

–Aaron Walton, CEO of WaltonIsaacson


Take DREAM TEAMS together or at your own pace

DREAM TEAMS is a four-part online course that helps individuals and groups become world-class collaborators—through a series of video talks, interactive lessons, and practice exercises:


PART I: Leveraging Cognitive Diversity

The counter-intuitive ingredients of world-class teamwork: Part I of Dream Teams digs into how great teamwork works—and how the same principles that work to make teams smarter can make us more innovative as individuals, too.

About 1.5 hours – or take it with your team over 1 week


PART II: Conflict & Productive Friction

Different people, and getting their differences to work for you: These lessons move from theoretical to practical, helping you become a master of productive group collaboration, debate, and harnessing friction instead of letting conflict grind you to a halt.

About 1.5 hours – or take it with your team over 1 week


PART III: Intellectual Humility

The #1 thing that will up-level your work: Part III covers the most important meta-skill for any leader or collaborator of tomorrow. Intellectual Humility is what everything runs on. Learn how to recognize it, develop it, and encourage it in others.

About 1.5 hours – or take it with your team over 1 week


PART IV: Culture & Teamwork Habits

The little things that make or break teamwork: These lessons cover how to adjust your thinking and behaviors, so you can contribute to an environment where you and everyone else gets better together—instead of in each others’ way.

About 1 hour – or take it with your team over 1 week


Brought to you by Snow Academy


Snow Academy helps business people level up at work, whether you’re a leader, an executive, or working your way up the ladder. You’re already good at what you do. Snow Academy will help you master the little things that can make you that much better.

Dream Teams is based on the #1 bestselling book by Shane Snow, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people understand the science of great teamwork and been praised by Forbes, Ad Age, and The New York Times, and used by business leaders worldwide from Verizon to The Muse to Google. Now the Dream Teams course digs in even deeper, to help you seriously level up YOUR teamwork.

After you complete this course, you’ll be able to apply the science of Dream Teams to everything. From your personal relationships, to your everyday work, to the causes you care about, and even the world itself.

Learn more about Snow Academy here.


From small businesses to Fortune 500s, DREAM TEAMS has transformed the way people work worldwide:


Enroll in DREAM TEAMS, and level-up the way you work.

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How long do I have access to the course? You’ll have access to the materials forever. While four weeks is the recommended pace, you can move through the lessons at any speed you like, and revisit them at any time in the future.

Can I take this course together with my team? You can take the course by yourself at your own pace, or you can take it together with a group, following one of our recommended group training schedules.

How long does the course take? About 50 video lessons in 4 modules form the core of DREAM TEAMS. Each lesson is from 5 to 15 minutes long. If you rush through it, it’s about 3 hours of video, plus 1–3 hours of reading and practice exercises. It’s self-paced, so it’s all about how much time you want to put into the course. We recommend going through the course at a pace of 1 module per week, so you can practice the lessons and level up your teamwork skills over the course of a month.

Can I share the course? You can either enroll as an individual or you can buy a license for your whole team at a discount. See our pricing page for more info.